New Guy looking to expand my quad flying skills


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Hey guys,

Name's Mike. I'm kind of an RC noob, but I'm hoping this place will help me get better, or at least help me spend way too much money that I don't have on another hobby. I have a few micro quads, namely the super micro Cheerson, slightly bigger Hubsan X4 and a Traxxas Alias. I have also flown smaller single rotor helicopters like the Blade msr. I mostly fly my Alias in Mode 2, which for those not familiar is the stabilized sport flying mode. Mode 1 is the beginner mode and mode 3 is the unstabilized, I guess acro mode. While I can easily hover and do slow flight in the acro mode, I quickly get disoriented and over-correct all the way to the scene of the crash if I try to do any quick maneuvers. I am consistent in that regard. Now, in the stabilized sport mode, I can fly all out in all directions with ease.

What brings me to this site is, I'm really looking into venturing into the world of FPV freestyle. Given my relative decent grasp of controlling the quad in stabilized mode, regardless of the orientation, I would think that flying FPV would make acro mode a bit easier. I know I'm very likely kidding myself, but I guess I gotta learn somehow. Anyway, I need to start browsing the site so I can hopefully find some answers already talked about so I don't get the dreaded, "Use the search feature, NOOB" response too many times.

Anyway, longer winded than I expected, so I hope this site can help me grow in this hobby.



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Welcome to Flite Test.

What you feel in stabilized mode is more what a real quad that is tuned properly and has a radio with features like exponential you can adjust and keep the over correcting to a minimum. Although you would still be able to have a stabilized mode either in Angle which limits how many degrees of tilt you can use and will not do flips or rolls or Horizon mode which allows a lager angle it can recover from and I think allows for flips and rolls. That all depends on the flight controller.

I would suggest however that once you get a real quad that you do not use angle or Horizon. That just makes you lazy, does not build proper muscle memory which is a royal pain to relearn. Its best to get a decent tuned quad (does not have to be perfect) and practice acro mode LOS to build up muscle memory. Now saying that Some people like myself find flying acro in FPV easier but I did my time on the sticks LOS before I even tried FPV so I already had some muscle memory built up and only had to deal more with throttle control and where the point I hit the ground depending on FPV lens used.

What gear to get set up on can be asked down the road and reading up on all the aspects of full size quads and what they and you can do with them as well as how to set them up to do what you want is highly suggested.

As far as Flite Test forums you are DEFINATLY in the right place to be asking for help. The amount of knowledge here as well as super friendly attitudes makes this the best environment to learn. I have yet to see anyone get remotely frustrated nor show any attitude towards anyone here like other forums. People may laugh with you but they certainly wont laugh AT you nor put you down for not knowing everything about the hobby.

Anyway welcome and good luck in what ever path you take here.