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New Guy

Hello everyone. I'm new to the forum, and have a patchy history with RC. I've been obsessed since childhood, but growing up, even simple trainers were pretty expensive so I only ever got 2 planes for Christmas, and they didn't last long. Between 1996 and 2006, I made my own money but not a lot of it, so I was able to buy a couple of trainers in that time, but again nobody to teach me so again they didn't last. Then I got busy with life and kind of forgot about the dream...and in the past couple years I've gotten back into it when I discovered quad-copters.

Now I'm realizing that things have gotten really complicated in a lot of different areas. Back in my day, the transmitter had a crystal and once you set it up you were done. Now there's all this compatibility stuff and I'm terrified to order anything that isn't pre-packaged. Used to be simple analog controls with servos but for quads there's all kinds of programming and setup. I'm realizing I have a lot to learn so here I am about to bother all of you with my complete lack of modern knowledge.

Sorry in advance.


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It’s not as hard as it looks. Imagine each manufacturer uses its own set of crystals and some like Jumper can take everyone’s!
Pick a plane you like, the FT kits will all work great with basic 4-6 channel set ups. You don’t need to buy an RTF set up but many people here learned on the Apprentice, a second hand one of those or a second hand Champ would be a good start if building puts you off.
Welcome to the forums, I have not been flying long, I last did RC in 1989 before I came here, everyone has been very helpful.