Help! New here, used to fly now and again, friends getting back into it.


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I used to fly home built foamies, mostly from blue fan fold, if you remember that stuff. Made of bean cans and glue and credit cards and chopsticks and EPP and... you get the idea. Li-po was newfangled and dangerous and fan fold was getting hard to find as it was discontinued.
I moved on to paragliding, so i could actually fly myself now, but still kept some micro foamies around. We still fly them in the neighborhood when it's not windy.
Recently one of my flying buddies got a park flyer for Christmas, and it spurred me to dig out the old EasyStar jammed into a box in the garage. The remaining plane is toast, but it's parts are still good, except for one servo whose wires I accidentally pulled out of the connector.
I am strongly considering buying the Simple Cub, and want to use the parts I have on hand to power it. My question is with the motor. On the old plane, it just glued into place in the fuselage, as the whole thing was EPP. The Super Cub uses a firewall mount. Is there something I can use to convert my existing motor? It's a 1430kv RCer BL4-15-5 5 turn. Should be plenty of motor, but it doesn't have the bits to rear mount it. I see threaded holes on the front however. Is there a bracket I can use to convert it?

I am currently planning to resurrect an old Futaba 72MHZ controller. It's old NiMH batteries are just about toast, but it still turns on. I can order new batteries for about $13, and then convert it's power connector. I am trying to keep this low low budget. The other possible option is perhaps a Flysky FS-i6x or similar budget controller. Or a used controller maybe.



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Is there something I can use to convert my existing motor?.....
You could use part of the old motor mount to make a saddle for the motor to sit in. Either glue or zip tie the saddle into the power pod.

I am trying to keep this low low budget.
To keep it cheap for now, just use regular AA batteries in your Tx.

I'm guessing you will soon want to upgrade to 2.4gH. I've had great results with my FlySky. The only disadvantage is very few ARF's come for FlySky. If you enjoy building your own, like I do, then you will be fine. If you like store bought planes, you should go with a DSM/DSMX Tx.


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Welcome back to the hobby, and welcome to the forums. Good luck on whatever you decide to build, post pics of the finished product. Were I you, I would get a new transmitter, but I am not you, so you do whatever. Eventually, if you stick with it, you will probably want to upgrade it though, just a warning, transmitter envy is a thing ;), I get it all the time and I have a pretty decent transmitter (dx6i).