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New Laser Cut kits and Foam Board Distributor Company in the UK


Project Air on YouTube
Hi Chaps,

I'm currently in the process of gauging how much interest there would be for a new UK online store which primarily distributes foam board and also produces foam board kits in the same manor as Flite Test.

As a member of the site for many years, and especially hearing from a great number of people from the UK about the difficulties of both aquiring suitable foam board and flite test speed build kits in this country, I believe that there may be a demand (on a small scale) for a supplyer like this.

Hands up in the comments who would be interested!

Many thanks,


Project Air on YouTube
Can't comment on that, but were have your great videos been?
Haha, thanks for the kind words. I've been, and still am currently, hard at work in my final year of university so my videos have taken a backfoot. Fortunatly though, I have big plans for my channel that tie into this flite test style company that I'm thinking about. :)
Personally, I'd love it! Particularly if you use WR foam.

I'm desperate for a FT Mig 3, i would scratch build it, but I can't stand the hassle of having to use tiled plans and the super heavy foam board we have in the UK.