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New Maker Foam issues?


Pretty new to the sport. I've build some FT gliders from plans. Thinking of making my first powered model and for that I thought I'd support and get one cut right. But reading some reviews on the sales web site I ran into some bad reviews of kits shipping with the new white waterproof foam. This new white foam isn't holding up like the previous brown waterproof foam.

How are folks find the foam currently shipping when you buy a kit?

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I ordered two kits about a month ago. One was pictured in brown foam, and it arrived in the brown foam. The other was one pictured in maker foam and said maker foam in the title and was listed as a new kit. It came in the maker foam. It looks like they are transitioning their kits from brown foam to maker foam, but I would think that it will come in whatever is pictured in the product photo.


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In my opinion I'd start hording brown foamboard instead of toilet paper. I've gone through a couple boxes of white making sea ducks, viggen, a cub with floats and some others. Not as much fun to work with and seems brittle after a few ruff landings and exposure to water.


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I’ve been holding off from buying some new SBK’s waiting for them to switch over to the new foam. Maybe that’s not such a good idea and I need to order BEFORE they all get switched over....
I was just about to buy a box of Maker Foam because I can't find the Adam's Readi Board anywhere right now! Dang. Maybe I'll hold off since it's double the price of the Adam's board.


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Only thing I have noticed is that it is slightly less later resistant but it also seems to take paint better... I haven't noticed it being more brittle, I've had a few models that have taken some pretty good beatings so far...