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New member hope this section is right for my question.

Question: Have a Horizon Hobby Timber plane and having trouble understanding how to bind him to the controls.

One binding method is Safe and the other being AS3X only.

In the Safe mode is the AS3X automatically setup and in the the AS3X only mode doesn't this have the Safe mode.

Is this correct in the Safe mode the system automatically corrects the controls with a flick of a switch should I get into trouble and in the AS3X mode this only stabilizes the flight and doesn't have the Safe mode switched on.

Then again do I need to setup the Safe binding and then also the AS3X only mode.

2 binding setups or only one.

Please help I'm stumped


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The safe mode is usually on a switch, it’s not a separate bind function. You bind the transmitter to the receiver, then set it up for safe. If you have ready to fly then the transmitter is usually pre bound to the plane, with safe on the shoulder switch.
The way SAFE works is that it decreases the control surface movement and increases the as3x’s stabilising functions so that the plane can’t end up upside down and that the bank angles of yaw, pitch and roll are limited.
If you go to “intermediate” mode, safe is still on but the bank angle is increased and AS3X won’t auto level the plane if you let go of the sticks.
Full function on “expert” is usually max control surface movement with no auto level or limits. AS3X is reduced to smoothing out sudden movements and wind.
If you are setting the plane up on a DX series Spektrum transmitter then you need to follow the set up in the instructions for switches, flaps etc. Bind it first, then program the switches.
AS3X is factory set and runs in the background all the time, it just varies the amount of gyroscopic control according to how much pilot assist you select.
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