New/Old Guy Here!


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Good morning! New to the forum, but was in the hobby about 15 years ago and was a member of RCG back then. FT has really taken it to another level, IMO.

I started with some used balsa glow trainers at the local field close to the house. Had to buy (ab)used because I couldn't afford anything else. After learning to fly and crashing them beyond repair, I used the motors and electronics to build quite a few S.P.A.D.S that got me through until the owners of the field closed it down to build a subdivision. Then I started building DTF scratch-build's from plans from RCG with my son and we flew them for a while until they built out the neighborhood we were living in at the time and we didn't have anyplace to fly them again. Then I got into quads for a while, got bored, packed everything up in boxes, and quit.

15 years later my son, home from college this summer, comes home with a foam float plane from a RC store but needs radio gear. I start pulling everything out, help him fix his plane a few times, and found FT.

First thing I did is buy some foam and DL some float plans since we live on a lake now, to see how the build process is. I also DL the Simple Cub plans, but decided to buy that kit and the Simple Stick instead of going off plans to support and get a better idea of the build process. The floats came out pretty good, but I'm better and faster now after putting together a kit.

So far, I have built and flown the Cub, and since I was using old gear and a 15 year break from flying skills, it was a handful to say the least. I then decided to build a Tiny Trainer and practice on that for a while. Flew, crashed and rebuilt it yesterday and ready to repeat until the skills come back. TBH though, I was always a better builder than flyer anyway, lol...

I know this was a little longwinded, but after seeing the FT build process and all the YouTube videos just wanted to say thanks for doing what you have done for the hobby. Maybe it will survive after all and grow.

Great job guys!!


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Thank you guys! Here is what I have done so far...