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Hello, just taken up RC, planes, so far, lost one, cost, £60, crashed 2, but managed to repair, just, managed to fly one, and land it, got a bushwacker, just under £60, gluing it together, made 1 cock up already, never used a glue gun before, my finger have the battle wounds, wonted the Pietenpol, but some one got it before me, that it, ps, from the UK,
That's a typical side effect of those other addictions as well!
RC is not to bad, so far, things I have to get are servo's, receivers, motors and them 30amp things, found some complete for £10, got 3, brought 3 rc planes, totle cost, £400, lost one in the sun, then the flite test, bushwacker, £50, a bit much, but, now know how to make me own planes, using this as a template, got 4 form sheets for £!0, that's 2 planes, like the idea of the engine block, you can just take out and put into other planes, have a flysky fs-16, memory for 10 planes, still working out what all the buttons are for, once I got rid of me Sons stuff, the big "C", 2 months ago, I will have a room to put all me stuff in, life goes on, making the most of it,
The one might be the control surface deflection gage. I know my Simple Storch kit came with a piece that has two different angles for checking control deflection.
found out after much digging, its something to do with the bits at the back off plane, the bit that moves up and down to make the plane go up and down, you can set the travel on your Tx, I think :)