New Podcast - RC Lawn Chair Pilots Podcast!

Hey everyone!

We are a new RC related podcast! My name is Derek (SavageX89 on here), and I do this podcast with my friend Stephen. We've both been into RC for a couple years now and decided we want to get out to fly/drive/etc more. Along the way, we're going to document our adventures, what we learn, and what we're working on with you. You can find the video cast on youtube (links to follow), or the podcast on most major podcasting services (Anchor, Google, Spotify, working on apple). You can also find us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. We release every other week and have a new episode coming out this next Monday. Be sure to tune in and share in the adventure!

We would also love to hear about your adventures and see what you're up to. Feel free to share your pics and stories with us, and we will pass them along to everyone we can!

This is an awesome hobby, in every aspect, and look forward to documenting it all as we delve deeper down the rabbit hole! :)

RC Lawn Chair Pilots Podcast (Derek)