New Radiomaster 6ch receiver


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I have just ordered 2 new receivers from Banggood, the Radiomaster R86C Nano - 6ch receiver.

It has 6 PWM channels and 8 Sbus channels
Its FRsky D8 compatible
Range 1km
Weight 8g
It also has built in telemtry for the flight battery status.

I paid £14.60 which equates to $19.6 for X2 receivers including postage (must admit I did get $3 off with a voucher, as I am a VIP4 member) .
For a Spektrum AR620, it would normally cost me double that for just 1.

As its FRsky and I am going to be using it in conjunction with my Radiomaster TX16s, it will be necessary to carry out frequency fine tuning but that's easy.
(Just select FRsky D16 when binding in the multi protocol mode, then select the frequ fine tune mode).

If these work as well as I am expecting, I will have a much cheaper receiver option for the future.

Once I receive them and get them tested I will let you know how they perform.


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I just saw these today, and am gonna order some. Well, some of the 4ch ones and some of the 8ch d16 ones. Sooooo cheap!

I’ll be interested to hear your experience with them.


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Radiomaster TX16S.
Brilliant shouldn't be a problem then. Don't forget to do frequency fine tuning or you will lose some range. I can post you a link to you tube if you need one. Very easy to do and once you have done it for a specific make and model of receiver the same value can be used for any more used in the future.
So for example if you frequency tune for a Radiomaster R86C, the same value can be used for any subsequent R86C receivers you use in the future.


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My 2 new Radiomaster receivers still haven't arrived yet, but I couldn't resist ordering another this is why.
I bought an LED mood lamp for my wife for Christmas, she has a therapy room (which use to be my cinema) where undertakes alternative therapies: Indian head massage, Aroma therapy, Reflexology, Reiki and Swedish deep tissue massage.
I though it would be nice stocking filler gift for her, she could use it to change the lighting in the room to match the mood/treatment etc
Anyway as usual I screwed up and the bulb I bought had the wrong fitting for the lamp in her room. So Ive had to order an adapter socket, so she can use the new bulb. Hence my luck changed, I ordered it from Banggood and to make better use of the postage ? I also ordered another R86C receiver (while they are still on offer) and a Radiomaster neck strap for my transmitter (I needed one) ?
They say God works in mysterious ways, I believe it now ;)(y)


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My new Radiomaster R86C receivers arrived today, easy to bind and I had the frequency fine tuning done in minutes.
Looking forward to trying them out now in a plane, they are quite small too ideal for some of the smaller Flite Test models.
They cost me less than £15 for two 6ch receivers, that's equivelent to less than $20. Not bad for long range receivers covering upto 1km.


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1609796838494.png 1609797166413.png
As these use FRsky technology they should be pretty decent. As it looks I am not going flying for quite a while, I think its time to swap some of my receivers out in my planes. These will be going in something foamboard until Ive assessed their capability and done my own range checks.


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The first R86C has been fitted in one of my Tiny trainers. However, Ive not had a chance yet to do a full range check, If I dont get it completed today, I will definately get it done at some point tonight.
I am hoping to fly it early next week see how it performs. If all goes well with Tiny trainer, the next R86C receiver conversion will be in my Old Fogey. I want to completely replace all my existing FRsky TFR6 receivers, which can then be sold. The aim ultimately is to get enough funds to buy a second TX16s transmitter for my son before Summer 2021.