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New Simple Scout with 3D printed parts and Vinyl decals...

Here is a shot of my new Simple Scout with 3D printed cylinders, wheels, and pilot. I also did the vinyl decals myself. I'm very excited about what this new technology will bring to this hobby!


Dude, that is tight! Well done! I don't have a 3d printer, but I am also excited about what it brings to ANY hobby, either through low price or through innovation.

I've been enjoying my Simple Scout. I am building a replacement for my original, and will probably take some inspiration from you and do a paint job that could only hope to be as nice as yours.
STL files for 3D printed parts...

Here is a ZIP folder with the STL files for both the cylinders (two parts) and the tire hubs and rubber. I printed them all in PLA and the tire itself in ProFlex (TPU).


I printed the decals with a CRICUT explore vinyl cutter using Adobe Illustrator to prepare the files. Once they're cut, I stuck them on and hit them with some matte sealer...