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Help! New To Fpv - Need Help


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I am new to fpv flying and need some help. My fpv feed is really clear when my drone is about 2 ft away from my goggles, but if I get any farther away the feed cuts out. I have watched videos of people flying with linear antennas, and they seem to get video feed that is a lot better than mine. I have also tried doing an auto scan and switching the channels and band on my drone without success.

I am using Emax Transporter goggles with the included antennas, a BetaFpv 65s DSMX Tiny Whoop, and a Spektrum DX6e.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Coby G
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You have to physically match the channels in your case. Some frequencies are close and bleed over into others giving a false lock on auto search features.

If you look in your goggle and VTX manuals they should give a band and channel listing. Some bands can have matching channels in other bands and would not make much difference as long as the frequency is an exact match.

Compare the charts and select two bands and channels that match and you should get into normal range of use others have barring outside factors.


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Thanks for the help.
I just tried putting my goggles and my drone on the same channel and I can get about 5 feet farther before I lose signal. I have tried numerous different channels and bands, and I am still not having success. Could this have anything to with the antenna I am using?


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I agree with @PsyBorg, make sure you are on the same band AND channel.
Don’t rely on an auto scan to select your channel. In close range many channels will work but only one will work at range. If you are going to use auto scan, try going 100 feet away.

Antennas can go bad. I would expect more than 5 feet, even from a bad antenna.


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How do I change the mode it is in?
a quick google for your model and pit mode gives me this:


How to active the PitMode: Enter the OSD menu by radio transmitter sticks. FEATURES -> VTX SA -> CONFIG -> PIT FMODE. Then select the PIR status.
How to exit the PitMode: As the same above, select the OP MODEL to FREE to close the PitMode. Then the VTX will recover to the 25mW power status.
if that doesn't work, I would try to find the manual for your exact product and verify your various settings.


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So I have tried all the suggestions you guys gave me, and I still can't get a good signal. Is there anything else I can do to get a better signal?


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if your getting bad signal, one of the following is happening:
  • low TX power
  • bad connection between TX amp and TX antenna
  • bad/wrong TX antenna (incorrect dimensions for frequency for example)
  • miss matched polarization
  • bad/wrong RX antenna (incorrect dimensions for frequency for example)
  • bad connection between RX antenna and RX
  • miss-matched frequency (RX on different band/channel then TX)
If your in the US (and therefore should have your HAM license to legally be using that TX), most of of that should have been covered by the material covered by the test.

Given that it sounds like you have checked all the above, I would do one of the following:
  • contact the manufacturer regarding possibly faulty equipment
  • contact the manufacturer for a user guide
  • swap out each part in turn for known good parts as part of an elimiation process to determine what is wrong


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Does the antenna connector match the VTX connector? On should have a hole in the center the other a pin. If they both have a hole in the center then that would also give similar results like you are getting. The only difference being your VTX would run hotter and possibly fry at some point.
Low quality and terrible customer service

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