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New to FPV Quads - Have a pretty specific question

Started with a Vusion FPV racer.
Bought a Futaba Tx and a Vortex 250 Pro to improve and embrace the hobby.
Planned to build my next one, then I found the TBS Oblivion PNP and I want some recommendations on the Futaba receiver that will best/easiest fit into the drone.

Thoughts anyone?


Eternal Student
I'm not a Futaba guy, but a quick look at their site shows that the R2001SB is probably your best bet, or if you need/want telemetry the R3001SB.
Thank you

I'm not sure on needing telemetry on the Oblivion from TBS. I have found that the touch screen on my futaba is unreadable in sunlight and I'm wearing goggles anyway. I get voltage readings thru my vex goggles that I imagine is receiver independent anyway. If the oblivion has the option for a voltage sensor that can transmit to my Futaba that might be helpful.
Thank you for the information.