New to the hobby and battery question


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Hello everyone! Name is John. When I was a kid I always used to ask for all the air hogs planes for Christmas. I always wanted to get more into the hobby and get a real plane. But you know how life is responsibilities come up and you forget about things. Recently I took my girlfriend to my local park to fly all my old stuff. Surprisingly she loved it so I figured hey it would be a good excuse to get a plane and have somthing fun and new to bond over. I went out and purchased a hobby zone duet rtf kit. I wanted to get some more batteries and a real charger for them( it only charges from the controller). The number on the battery is a 1s 3.7v 150mah battery. I was wondering if there was a bigger/ better battery I could get and if anyone could recommend one with a charger. Thank you, John


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you normally get the chargers separate from the batteries. That thing is so small that getting much bigger of a battery might run you into issues with CG and/or wing loading issues. You would definitely want to stick with a 1S battery.

for batteries, this product is on the recommended tab for that plane:

This charger is 4 port and can let you set your charge rate:
(you can look around the store at other 1S chargers, I would probably recommend a multi port one, so you can quickly get multiple batteries ready. however you could also go with one of the single port chargers if you want to take your time).

I would also consider picking up a lipo storage/charging bag.. Lipo fires are fairly bad. The size of the batteries you have there don't look like they would pose a big risk, but something to consider either way.


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I got a duet as a first plane too! However the battery was being weird and decided to not charge. I later settled on a Delta Ray One.