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New to the hobby, just wanted to say hello

Hey guys

Just bought my first plane, the Firebird Stratos RTF kit, should be here in a day or two! I don't have any questions as of yet, so I just wanted to stop in and say hello. I can't wait to get started. I was injured in Iraq so my hobbies have pretty much limited me to indoor activities, so the chance to get some sun for a change AND get some stick time will be very much welcomed.

Any advice about the plane I bought? Everything I read and watched said this was an excellent plane for beginners like myself. Originally, I was going to by a RTF Corsair kit but after watching the videos and reading about it, it seemed like a bit too much plane for me just yet. I'm also pretty interested in the Bi-plane models on the market, specifically the Albatros and Neuport 17, so that will probably be my next plane after a few months of flying with the Stratos.

So anyway, I look forward to interacting with the community here. The hobby has always intrigued me and now that I have the chance to participate I plan to be as involved as I can be.


Hi! :)
Never bought the Firebird Stratos, so I can't really help, but I am assuming you have already seen Flitetest's review on it?


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Aces High - Iron Maiden - and old Leonard....
When i got my eyes on your name i was thinking - another swede - but not.
Our local combat magazine is named Aces High. Unfortunately only one number per year http://aircombat.se/Documents/ACES%20High/AH1_2011.pdf
Anyhow - you look like a combat fighter - welcome! I hope that you are not falling in the foamie or multicopter trap ;-)
I picked up a Stratos for now, just to get the hang of flying. But I would love to make a nice wooden Biplane as my cruising plane. I'd love to try out combat though, it looks like so much fun!
As a kid I had the original firebird! It was a single engine pusher with a v-tail so it was a bit different. One thing I can say is firebirds are hard to destroy. I have mine still and I had hit every tree in my back yard and beyond. I once got her caught in the wind which carried her up several hundred feet (almost could not see it). The V-tail has no elevator and hence uses the motor to gain altitude. The more I tried to bring her home the higher it went, so I put her in a spiral dive to bring her down. Found it in a farmers field 1/2 km away in a pile of pieces. Rebuilt it no problem and was flying again in less than a week. The ability to buy extra wings, tails, motors is the best perk of a firebird. The problem I had was finally fixed on you stratos when they put on that proper tail. Only advice find a big place to fly and you will be up to that warbird in no time. ps go for a bixler next then your warbird it will help you get used to ailerons. Good luck and happy flying

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I had a firebird freedom as my first plane. Taught myself to fly with it.
It had a v-tail but it had elevator control and a mid wing setup. Great plane. That big foam rubber nose took a lot of abuse before the plane finally died a magnificent death.

Welcome to the group. I'm sure any questions you may have can certainly be answered here.


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i too am new to the hobby and bought the firebird stratos for a first plane. its been great for me. easy to keep in to air and very very durable when it comes to hard landings. hope you have fun with it and you should be fly in no time with the stratos.

Brian fred carr

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The stratos is a great beginner set up....but I don`t think it will be long before you are hankering for something with a bit more ooomph. Welcome to the forum and the hobby


May I be the second to recommend a second plane? :applause:

I would go with a Bixler/Sky Surfer/Wing Surfer. They are all the same airplane, but sold by different online vendors (Bixler - Hobbyking, Sky Surfer - Banana Hobby, Wing Surfer - Nitroplanes). To me, this is one of the most fun airplanes to fly and has a REEEEDICULOUSLY wide performance envelope! I'll probably always want one of these in my hangar. My hangar is my living room. My wife doesn't like my hangar so much.

Oh, and don't pay any attention to Pgerts and his "foamie" trap. I don't think they have foam in Sweden. Since it doesn't make a good weapon, the vikings dismiss it. But, he is 100% correct about that multicopter trap! They are absurd looking, battery draining aeronautic abominations! ;)

Back to working on the Super Cub, now...

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LMAO, now that's good stuff there. I think my Viking ancestors used foam for kids practice weapons until the age of two, then they handed them steel.
Thanks for the messages everyone! My firebird came in the other day, I have it put together but due to college, and work, I have to wait until next week to fly. Oh how it calls to me from across the room....is it bad if your plane whispers in your ear at night? I didn't think so either. o_O

The Bixler looks like a lot of fun. I was considering that as a second plane, so it's funny as you mention it. Which one would you guys recommend, 1 or 2?

I've also seen a few Piper Cub kits out there that looking pretty nice, so that might be another route I go. All in good time, first things first...learn to fly!


Definitely go with the Bixler 1. The Bixler 2 is fat and slow (he says while ducking for cover). Go with the Bix. 1. Don't feel obligated to buy from HK, either. Nothing against them, but I'd go with whichever vendor had the cheapest version at the moment. All the same plane. What transmitter are you flying with? Where do you go to college?

Airplanes DO whisper in your ear at night. While this particular brand of psychosis is unaccepted by the general population, it is a hysteria completely shared among this crowd. Wait... What's that? My busted Hellcat is quietly calling me... "Fiiiixxxx meee. I want to flyyyy..."


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HEHEHE, I could say you didn't get an immediate reply because I was offline for that part of the week.

+1 for the Bixler/SkySurfer/WingSurfer/WildHawk/HawkSky.

Scratchbuilds are fun if you like to tinker :)


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I have the first version. It is just amazing! I went with the first because it was in the US warehouse and didnt' cost $40 to ship to me. The V1 is more aerobatic than the V2. The V2 is apparently very, very slow flying, perfect for FPV.
I haven't flown the V2 (I might get to do it this Sunday :D) but after watching DHDSRacer's review - The Bixler 2 want's to roll a lot more... The Bixler 1 is anemic on the roll - more than enough to bank and yank, but not fast enough to perform repeated rolls.