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New Trainer Swappable

I built a Versa Wing and decided that I wanted something slower and more stable for helping others get started in RC.
I had flown balsa trainers when I learned to fly 30 yrs ago and thought that might be a good way to go.
Here is my Versa Wing and power pod.

Versa Wing Small.jpg

I then downloaded a profile view of the plane that I wanted it to look like. It is a Sig Kadet.

Kadet Side View Incedence angle 2.png

Fuse sides.jpg

I drew in red lines to show incidence lines. I had to shim my motor down, so drew in one on the firewall after completion to know i'd have a better angle next time.

Foam Kadet small.jpg

I used the swappable power pod from the versa wing and it worked out great. I had made it the B fold and used clear packing tape with webbing to strengthen.

My plane turned out to be 27 ounces with a 3s 2200 battery. Motor is a Tower Pro 28-09 1400kv 105 watt motor
and apc 7/4 prop. That works out to 65 watts per lb. It pulls about 110 watts full throttle. It flies level at 1/3 throttle and climbs at 1/2 like a scale aircraft.

Landing gear was from a spare parts shelf at the LHS for a cub. It was about 3 bucks.
I used dental picks for the control horns on the elevator and rudder. I added bamboo skewers on top of the plane where the wing saddle is for strength. Also a popsical stick on the trailing edge of the wing and some scraps of gift cards to strengthen the inside of the fuse where the wing hold down dowels are. There is alot of preassure on the rubber bands, and that would be the weak point.

I started by taping the wing halves and the fuse sides.

Wing Panels Taped.jpg
Tape Fuse.jpg

Building up a spar out of foamboard, coroplast, and 1/4 inch dowels.

Spar Materials.jpg

Installing the spars started like this.

Installing Spar.jpg

The end of the wing looked like this when completed. Notice the partial rib in front of the spar. I used that to aid the foam into bending at the angle that I wanted it to create a better airfoil.

End View.jpg

The front of the plane showing the dowels for the pod.

Front View.jpg

I made a servo tray out of foam board, and cut out notches to fit the tabs on the power pod.
When it is slid back into place, the tabs lock into the notches and i pin it with a skewer.

Servo Tray and pod.jpg

If you have any more questions, I would be glad to answer any.
Thanks for looking.


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Very nice design and build, I like it. It does seem a tad heavy though at its size.
Still, if it flies well, have fun with it!
I would estimate the wing is about 80% of the Balsa Kit. It was closer to 4 lbs with a .25 nitro on it.
This one doesn't penetrate the wind as well, but a little balast and bigger motor and I think it would
do just fine.

I tried to upload the img as a PDF but was unable to. Just use a img to pdf converter online to make your pdf and it should work just fine. Enlarge so it fits on a 30 inch piece of foam board.


If I do it again, I will probably make it a tricycle landing gear, perm power mount and tray, and a bottom hatch or opening for a removable battery. Rear landing gear would be about 1 inch behind cg. Look on the plans for correct location.
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