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New Tricopter Builder Could Use Some Help (PLEASE)


Junior Member
Hey guys,
I am a total newb to the multirotor community. I have just built my first Tricopter with the following parts
1. Flite Test Tricopter with the tuff tilt
2. Naze32 Acro Control Board
3.Emax Multi Copter Motor Packs with: 2213-935KV Motors 1045 props
4. 20 amp BL Heli esc's
5. Emax ES3154 Servo
6. Spektrum 610 Reciever
7. Spektrum DX6 Transmitter
I have tried to follow all the videos (Naze32, Flite Test's, Davids) but they are some what confusing as to direction of the props. I also must assume that the leading edge of the prop should face in the direction of spin, the problem that I'm having is that when ever I start it up it just spins? Whats up with that? It does this no matter weather I follow The FT video (motors 2 an 3 spin inward and motor one spins clockwise) or the (cleanflight Gui) which shows that they all rotate counter clockwise. I sure would like to know which it is so I could at least know this is right. Also It would be nice to know if I even have the Naze CB hooked up correctly. I have the servo connected to the #1 servo pin signal wire to the top then skip the next pin which is servo #2 and the motors on the next 3 pins #3,4,5 I have the output hooked up to the receiver as follows: The black red and white to the aileron on the receiver Brown from #2 to the elevator Green #3 to the throttle and the yellow #4 pin to the rudder. I have calibrated the esc's and gyro's So my question is this, What in the heck am I doing wrong? All it does is spin when I try to take off so I am hoping that someone could walk me through this cause I am really looking to start learning to fly this beautiful new craft and would like to start my training soon. If there is anyone in the community that is willing to help me out it would be most appreciated. Thanks guys.