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NEW - Turnigy 6XS FHSS 2.4ghz Computer Transmitter!


Flying Derp
I'm surprised to see a $46 price tag since the 9x is only like $60. I guess that means that once the initial internal electronics are designed, adding channels is negligible.


Sunny Day Park Flyer
6XS Reset

I've got a problem with my 6XS, just got it too. I tweaked some settings, like I had in the past, and now when I turn the transmitter on it says the throttle stick isn't at zero, when it is at zero. I opened it up and everything seems to be okay. It even worked when I got it yesterday. I have an idea of why it isn't working, the throttle got confused,( or I programmed it wrong) and now the zero throttle at startup safety is preventing it from turning on.

My question is: Is there anyway to bypass the safety and turn the transmitter on, hook it up to a computer and program it on that, or manually reset all of the settings?

I'd really appreciate all the help and ideas the community can provide.

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