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New twin bomber


Fly yes... land no.
Should work nicely.
My son and I will be doing the maiden this weekend.

He will be in command of the 4 bomb and doors with is own remote.



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Very nice indeed. I look forward to seeing it fly.

The multiple bomb drop rig is something I have thought about doing in the past, but I never really could figure out how to make it work right. Turns out I was over complicating it in my head. Looks nice and simple, and the simple things tend to work best.


Fly yes... land no.
I'd been fooling around with the pod idea for a bit.
Specially on the prev plane (YC-14)

But on this plane decided the pod would be a complete self contained unit.
4 servos for the plastic eggs, 2 for the doors with the bay doors mounted to the pod itself.
Finishing touch was the 2nd receiver.

The last piece to the puzzle was how to mount it. Centre line fixing point. Really like a modern multirole bomber I guess.
Nice thing is when spring rolls around my son and I can return the a larger scale plane and install this pod back into it.

Here is the link to how I built the egg hopper.



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That is going to make Easter egg hunting a real blast next year. The idea of using plastic eggs is pretty cool too. You could put flour or something like it in them and use it for bomb drop challenges. Now I have to work on a plane for bomb drops. Thanks for the inspiration and information.


Fly yes... land no.
That is the plan MrGravey. $Store eggs filled with flour. That or ping-pong balls.

My son has really pushed me to get the design right.
Lets call him demanding but he is an equal partner in the planes design.

Actually he was rather annoyed when I mentioned this new plane was to small to host a rear cargo hatch like the YC-14 had.

Him and my wife are now debating colour schemes.
I over heard something to the effect of the "EASTER EXPRESS" this morning.
Yellow and Purple would be great. Errr I don't think so.

Last night I MinWaxed the plane to one protect it from the winter elements and prep for paint.

I also worked on the wiring harness. The old one from the YC-14 was to long and to heavy.

The plane right now with 2 batteries and gopro weights in at 1.5KG.
Not to bad I guess but I'm learning how to keep everything small to maximize the performance.

With the old cable borrowed from the YC-14 I had to more or
less string it along the whole length of the plane.
Plus it is not silicon cable and is rather stiff.

- You can see it run past the bomb pod and wrap back towards the front of the plane.

- YC-14 harness vs AJR-48 harness.

- Crossed over the battery wires to keep the connections nice and clean.
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Fly yes... land no.
Awesome piece of engineering. I like your modular bomb drop setup.
You gonna fix it and fly it or go with a different wing design?
Thanks on the bomb pod compliment.

My Chief Weapons Office (aka my son) would really like for me to sort out they flying issues and get something that stays in the air.

Full details on this plane

I have started to cut out the designs for a smaller YC/cargo plane project
Detail on the old YC http://andrerousseau.wordpress.com/category/rc-flight/yc-14/

But after seeing the recently posted B-25 I may try and mend our plane for another try.

I won't cut into the wing ever again. It was a nice idea but the hard landing damaged the rear.
So I'll add a spar to the rear for repairs.

During the flight on Sunday I was sorting out the balance issue. I had the gopro and 2 2200 3S up front plus a 1300.
It seemed be flying ok until the low speed issues showed up.

This was without the pod installed as well. So maybe I need a larger wing to take the load.

BTW the paint was an attempt cover my botched camo job and test if $Store acrylic can be air brushed on.



Fly yes... land no.
So the next question is how do I make this wing better?

The Egg pod may have to be modified as it kicks the width up to 5". Maybe I need go narrow and put them in a single line.


More combat please...
I guess it depends on how invested you are with the elliptical wing design...
I think a squared off armin style wing would work great.
I think the elliptical wing looks awesome on there


Fly yes... land no.
Well the YC plane flew so nice but I'm not certain how it will handle being reduced in size.
The key to the winter plane is 1 to fit in the trunk of the car so 48" wing x 36" body.
Second no fixed wing. Attaching the YC's wing with rubber bands in the cold sucked.

So yes tempted to try an armin wing like I had with the YC.

I do believe if I can narrow down the body it would help to.
Two questions....where's your CG and are you on it. Just a casual observation, that plane looks supremely nose heavy, although nose to tail ratio makes up for some of that. Seems as if you are aware of the CG issue based on some of comments.


Fly yes... land no.
It was tail heavy actually.
Under power it would dip the tail down.

On the final flight as mentioned I added more weight to the nose and it was a lot more stable but I was still fighting it.
In the end lost it at low speed.

What I am going to do it rebuild a narrow body and see if I can load that better.

One thing I may do it try and balance the body out before adding the wing.

Now also this is a FT Spitfire, widen and 6" longer. So the cg may have moved but I was 1/3 in on the wing at the spar.


Fly yes... land no.
The YC's wing was a 3 layer and damn could that thing lift. ;)

It was a nice design until I mucked with the front end and stuck a big plastic dome in it :)

The YC's wing was very basic to be honest.


Fly yes... land no.
Ah just checked.
The Swappable B25 has a 56" wingspan with a 42" body length.

I'm going to have to verify if I can load that into the car but clearly I was off of my scale.

48"x36" is good scale wise but why width was way to much at 5".
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