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New VR tool can be beneficial for FPV


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have you guys seen the new technology developed by Oculus for Samsung


this looks pretty neat and can potentially be used for FPV .... if somebody makes it work with Transmitters, may be through Bluetooth ?

it has it's own battery and you can load your own apps on it, who know what this can do for FPVers

curious to know what you guys think about that :)
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It not only has it's own battery and you can load apps. It actually is a phone/tablet - a Samsung Galaxy Note 4. The "new" tech is the holding device where you snap in your phone.

So you better disable network access if you don't want your FPV session interrupted :).


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I'm pretty much aware that it's a Galaxy Note 4, thank you for pointing that out, it's based on android so i bet you can disable the communication part while FPVing if you know your way around making apps.