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Newbie - Am I doing this right?

Hey Everyone,

I have a iFlight SucceX-E F405 micro FC and ESC. I have the ESC wired and connected to the FC and can control the motors through Betaflight. My problem comes into the transmitter/receiver and the VTX.

Here is the problem, I can bind to the Specktrum receiver and get the flashing light on the receiver to stop and have a solid light but I don't know how or can't get any transmitter input to the quad or to Betaflight. I attached a photo of the FC. Can anyone tell me where I should have the receiver soldered to? Also, where should I have the VTX soldered to? I can't find any specific diagrams regarding this specific FC, a ton of other SucceX but nothing with the specific layout that I can find.

I'm getting to the last steps, help a brother out!




Eternal Student
Somehow I totally missed this thread... Your Rx signal wire will probably go to R2 as you have it. You can use the G pad beside the 3v3 pad rather than stretching that one out :) In the Ports tab, enable SerialRx on UART2, then in the configuration tab, set the receiver type to Serial and the serial provider to SPEKSAT2048 (I think, been awhile ;))

Your VTx will go to VO BAT G and the camera to VI +5V G

You really want to clean up those solder joints. There are a bunch of good soldering tutorials on YouTube, watch a couple and practice a bit These tiny boards are annoying to work on, you're just asking for trouble with that much exposed wire.