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Newbie, because everyone at the field said POST THAT TO FLITE TEST so here I am


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I was out of the hobby for like 24 years, but I'm a youtube junkie and routinely fall down aircraft related YT holes and wound up looking up a local club and getting back into it after spending two weeks watching videos and re-acquainting myself with how it's done.
Anyway hi! I'm getting back into the groove and regularly fly a re-stickered (from Callie Graphics) Apprentice S and I've been dabbling in FT foamies. I built a mini scout and took it out, and it had a rough time. I crashed the heck out of it, but it was fun. The part everyone said post that to the forum? Well I was out at the field and folded a wing (probably due to damage from the last crash) and the plane was pretty much done because I didn't have any popsicle sticks or anything but tape and creativity with me.
But I dug around in the car and found an old beat-up CD-R, broke it in half and this happened. I remembered to take a few pictures when I got home, but it flew three or four more times and did rather well until I goofed up and dove it into the ground at speed and wiped the last prop out.
I'm sure I'll be posting more of my (mis)adventures going forward.
I have some more props on the way, an FT sparrow kit, and some other ideas that are probably going to end in disaster but be a lot of fun in the meantime.