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Newbie-ish having trouble with 20A ESC

Hi there, I'm converting a guillows super cub to rc and so picked up the FliteTest power pack A. For the life of me I can't get the Radial motor it came with to run. I'm running a Specktrum DX6 radio, with a Spektrum AR410 receiver. I can bind just fine and run servos, but the motor won't spin. It does give a three note chirp when I power up the system but that's it. I've tried "calibrating" it as per a flite test youtube video I saw, but beyond the three note chirp, Nothing happens. Does anybody out there have any ideas I could try or know what might be wrong? Thanks in advance.
I’m guessing you plugged the ESC into the receiver battery port and not channel 1. Or your transmitter channel assignment is funky. Or you have programmed throttle cut into one of the switches on the transmitter.