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newbie needs help!


Junior Member
my names Tom and im really new to this hobby. My problem is that i can not get my Tx and Rx to work together on my quadcopter that i am trying to build. my Tx is a Dx6i and the Rx is an AR610. The flight controller is a mini cc3d with angled pins. I have soldered all 4 esc to the motor and pdb correctly. when i run open pilot gcs and run the setup the board flashes fine and updates etc. all 4 motors turn in the corrrect direction as the diagram explains. When it comes to the Tx setup my Tx and Rx dont seem to be binded. I have binded the rx before and made sure they are connected. Im using a Mateksys Power Line Board (LE-0302). and it has 5v lead to the receiver "pwm/ppm" but im not sure where to plug it into the Rx for each spot on it.BIND-BAT,THRO, AILE, ELEV,RUDD,GEAR,AUX1. Are the spots listed and im not sure how to power/plug each wire coming from the mini cc3d to the AR610. SOS someone please help lol.


Representative of Iowa
Make sure you dont accidentally leave the bind plug in... I tend to do that and it causes immense frustration up until I figure it out.