newbie to quads with newbie problems


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I have recently bought a DJI and after getting good shots and film with it soon wanting to get the next buzz.

After being out with a friend who flies a QAV180 i soon knew I wanted one.

this is where the problem has started.

I have a NAZE 32 REV 6 Flight Controller, have gone into Cleanflight to flash and serial port not opening on my windows laptop. Do the same think on my Macbook air and it says bootloader not responding.

I have tried linking the boot pins with power on and off and the powering up but nothing has changed the outcome.

I have a blue light on the NAZE when pluged in and for a short time a red and green LED appear. when i tilt the NAZE the green LED illuminates. Other than that nothing else.

Can you guys help?




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Check your wires to make sure you have a good connection and the proper pinout. There are many ways to wire up serial connectors so it is important to use the pinout for that specific device. Hopefully this bump will help someone with more knowledge see this thread.