Newbies first post...Hiya ALL! \o


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It all started on a rainy Christmas eve night. My folks and family where gathered, eating and making merry and all that jazz, when we started exchanging gifts.
My dear ole' mother handed me a box in a plain bag and smiled shyly. "I think you'll like this." was all she said grinning from ear to ear.
She was right. I would. In fact, she knew me well enough to know that what was inside that simple unmarked box would rekindle a hunger and fire inside me that had laid dormant for more then a few years.
I opened up the bag and pulled out the box.. i lifted the lid off the box and there laid a rc drone.
Years ago I had flown, crashed, lost and had a BLAST with pretty much most of the products Airhogs manufactured and sold at the local Walmart.
I enjoyed it way more then a then 30-something adult man should.. But as with all things of this nature. Times got tough, and over time the little flying toys gave up the ghost one way or another and work overtook most of my free time. Years and years had gone by since i even owned anything rc aviation related.
There sat that black toy rc drone with its shiny controller.... and I was on fire again. I waited anxiously for the wind to die down enough to put my little black drone up in the are for its whole 7 minutes of flight time.
Then i decided to scour YouTube for more rc drone related content to help satiate my hunger to put something in the air and control it... lol
Then I came across "FliteTest"... Wait.. I can build rc planes??? \o/
So I've watched and watched all the content from FliteTest and other Content of this type..
This last weekend I made my first chuck glider and its SOOO smooth sailing!
20190429_202008 (2).jpg

Tonight... here I am. A hungry newbie, hungry to fly.. hungry to build and create.
Here I am.. your newest newbie.
Hiya ALL!


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Welcome to the forum. Glad to have you with us. You have been hooked and reeled in. Good job on your first build. Just wait til you put a motor on it or your next one you build. It is a blast. There are many here to Help and encourage you along the way. Remember it is fun to Build, Fly, Crash, Repeat.:LOL:


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Welcome! The LongEZ chucker was my first foamboard build as well. Have you got a plan for your next build?

Flite Test planes really put the fun back into building planes and flying them instead of just assembling a precast foam plane, and they are way more crashable than you'd think!


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Welcome! The LongEZ chucker was my first foamboard build as well. Have you got a plan for your next build?

I'm considering several... as much to increase my scratch building skills as to fly.
Tiny Trainer for one, which would likely be my first to get powered.
Simple Scout maybe just for the scratch skills.
Geez.. theres SOOO many plans to pick
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