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Hey all, I am just getting back into RC flight thanks to the FT youtube channel. I used to fly a couple foamies regularly 8 or so years ago when I worked at the airport (A&P) but fell out of it when I started racing and switched professions. I stumbled across a FT video about 5 months ago and thought it was a brilliant way to keep busy on long slow work nights and be productive. So far have built the DR1, SE5, mini Corsair, mini Speedster, mini Vector, and the Sea Duck! It is incredibly addictive. Storage space is becoming a problem and the lady of the house is getting sick of tripping over planes in every room so I need to switch hobbies and finish my garage attic for plane storage now!
Before it gets pointed out, I know I put the rudder on the wrong side of the Vector. It's been crashed and rebuilt since then. I also learned to not use the black foam board for the wings as it makes orientation difficult!