Next step up from the Champ


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Soo.. my HZ Champ is dead *sniff*.. Just how different is the FT Flyer? Im waiting on the electronics to get here from hobby kings EU warehouse-
DON'T ORDER FROM THERE IF U R IN THE U.S. Stuff takes months to arrive.
I'll be using a 1300kv motor on a 3 cell lipo. Anyone knows how this setup does? Im hoping to beef the landing gear and add a bomb bay box and still have it fly.


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I also had a champ, also dead/or M.I.A over a neighborhood. They fly really nice when the wind isn't too high. Next, I decided to build an Old Fogey and placed one order from HK European (OrangeRX, lipos, connectors) and one order from Altitude Hobbies (Suppo Motors, ESC's). I paid 30$ for International Air to HK Euro and 5$ to Altitude, HK took 32 DAYS to arrive while Altitude only took 2 days. Anyway...I built my Old Fogey out of Elmers Foam Board from Walmart, not knowing there was any difference between Elmers and Dollar Tree Foam Board. Several weeks ago, I go to maiden it and of course it's far too heavy and I break 7 8x4e props trying to get it flying. I had it up for 90 seconds at one point, thing was really cookin with all the weight. Anyway I built a new Old Fogey with the proper DTFB to be maidened Tuesday. Can't comment on the Ft Flyer or the motor setup.


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I would not scratch for your second, get another HobbyZone, I have the duet and the stratos, both of which fly beautifully. Hope I helped.


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I already built the flyer, so 'll just use that as a secondary trainer (when the darn parts get here) and then build something final like the Duster. The flyers are so simple to cut out that I could care less (4 parts!).


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It's a blast! A lot more power but if you're use to flying without having the throttle pinned the whole time it will be awesome. You can tone down the throws to make it slow and gental, then when you get use to it you can crank them up for some loops and wing overs, harriers, also it flatspins like a boss.
The guys at my hanger have all built them. We ad 30 foot streamers and combat! We have thrown controllers into the hands of alot of noobs who figure it out in a few passes.

Also I like the old f-22, easy to build easier to fix and great first yank and bank. Like the flyer it's only a few pieces of foam to cut and not a lot of broken props!
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There is no step up from the champ it is the greatest plane on the planet.

You are doing a wise thing, getting advice and starting with the proper planes! I did not do that, and would have had a lot more fun if I had. I have no input as I have not flown the ft flyer, just support of your pursuit. I would also add that I find the champ to be very similar to any rudder/elevator 3ch plane.

Carry on. Hope your parts arrive soon.


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If I had to start the hobby over again I would have gone with the FT Flyer as well.

I started with a Champ, made a mistake and let my sister try to fly it, and got a Super cub the next year. Both are good planes, but the Champ is to light to be flown in any wind, while I found the Super Cub to heavy and fast for my field. Last Christmas, I got the FT Flyer, Nutball and Delta speed build kits. I maidened the Flyer recently and it was awesome!

Personally, I think the Flyer is a perfect mix between the Champ and Super Cub: it does not fly overly fast, and you can get it to hover, while still being fairly stable in a wind. I was flying in about a 5 to 10 MPH wind and I never once lost complete control.

Also, the field I was flying in was not that big. It may have been 300 feet across, and I came nowhere near to the opposite side of the field, a testimony to its "laziness." Overall, I think the FT Flyer is a far better plane than the Super Cub and Champ.


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What about the setup? Im using a 1300kv on a 3 cell. Anyone know how much weight this will take? I bent out some beefy wire gear with jumbo wheels, but I'm not sure if its light enough..
This would be for the Flyer, BTW.