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Nieuport 23 restauration


Cardboard Boy
Some of you might know, a while back I was given a bunch of old planes and parts when my uncle bought a small house by the river. The owner had quite a collection of planes and it looks like most of them have never flown, they are in various states of construction and one of them is a lovely little Nieuport 23, most likely homemade out of balsa and film probably 30 years ago and that has probably never flown.


I wanted a nice bipe for a while so this looks like a perfect project.
I just need to slap a motor and two servos on there and it will be ready to go, I will just 3d print a servo tray as well as the whole front end, probably with a mock up radial as well. Im not too concerned about nose weight because I think it will need some to be balanced right, 1000kv motor with a 8" prop and 3s 2200mah lipo right in the nose should make it balance right (speaking of, I dont know how to balance bipes)
I will also have to make the wing braces, probably using 3d printed hardpoints to go over the little nips already insalled and BBQ sticks. The elevator is also a bit flimsy so I will need to fix that.

I think it will fly quite slow and being a 3 channels with big control surfaces it should handle nicely. Overall it should be a fairly simple project, I would have put it in the balsa section but it will mostly involve 3d printing.

Now I just need to wait for the replacement parts of my 3d printer to come.


Cardboard Boy
Yeah I just thought about that, a 8" prop can barely clear the fuselage so I will probably need something closer to 12" on a lower kv motor.
Also, should I make the mockup engine rotary like on the real plane?