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Nieuport 23 restauration


Cardboard Boy
Some of you might know, a while back I was given a bunch of old planes and parts when my uncle bought a small house by the river. The owner had quite a collection of planes and it looks like most of them have never flown, they are in various states of construction and one of them is a lovely little Nieuport 23, most likely homemade out of balsa and film probably 30 years ago and that has probably never flown.



I wanted a nice bipe for a while so this looks like a perfect project.
I just need to slap a motor and two servos on there and it will be ready to go, I will just 3d print a servo tray as well as the whole front end, probably with a mock up radial as well. Im not too concerned about nose weight because I think it will need some to be balanced right, 1000kv motor with a 8" prop and 3s 2200mah lipo right in the nose should make it balance right (speaking of, I dont know how to balance bipes)
I will also have to make the wing braces, probably using 3d printed hardpoints to go over the little nips already insalled and BBQ sticks. The elevator is also a bit flimsy so I will need to fix that.

I think it will fly quite slow and being a 3 channels with big control surfaces it should handle nicely. Overall it should be a fairly simple project, I would have put it in the balsa section but it will mostly involve 3d printing.

Now I just need to wait for the replacement parts of my 3d printer to come.


Cardboard Boy
Yeah I just thought about that, a 8" prop can barely clear the fuselage so I will probably need something closer to 12" on a lower kv motor.
Also, should I make the mockup engine rotary like on the real plane?


Master member
Long time ago in a galaxy far far away, I built & flew slope biplanes. Generally they fly CG about 40- 50% of chord on the top wing, OR 1/2 way between the upper wing and lower wing main spars Depending on how nose heavy you want them and whether or not they have 1 main spar. Another method is to take chord of lower wing and forward stagger chord of upper wing and do 30 ish % of that total. Also typically with wheels, in flight orientations horizontal stab level, it should be slightly tail heavy when on those wheels. Nose heavy doesn't hurt.


Cardboard Boy
I finished putting together the plane today.

Then I went to maiden it with a friend, it went as expected more or less.

It rolled over because the wing was quite warped and no ailerons, it looked like it exploded on landing but the damage isnt that bad, I could build new wings and fix the tail and it would be flyable again.


Skill Collector
Ouch! Yeah, that top wing was seriously warped. On the bright side, now you have easy access to the parts from the inside to use as templates! (y)

Captain Video

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I look forward to seeing her repaired and in the air. I have an WACO Biplane restoration project waiting to be started. I am counting on your success!