Night Flying - Singapore Style


Gremlin on the Wing
When it comes to Night Flying, has it down to an art.

They incorporate such elements as Lasers, Acrylic Rods, Fiber Optic Filaments, Lighted Streamers, Smoke, and even Servo Controlled moving parts that are designed to give an Organic look to the kites while in flight.

I have been fascinated, and inspired by them ever since the very first time I stumbled across these videos. I would love to own one, but at the price $$:mad:$$ they sell them for, there won't be one in my future anytime soon, unless I make it my self. There is a little build info @ RC Groups on the subject, but I have recently bridged over to Planes from Helos, so my bench is pretty much occupied for the time being.

Here are a few of the videos, showing what has me soo impressed. Enjoy! :cool:

And there are plenty more where these came from, check 'em out!


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That's cool. Those things are expensive for what they look. even at the current exchange rate of the SGD to USD.
Very cool stuff though...:cool:


Full Circle
I really liked how they connected three or two kites together, released them from the air and then all of them did a synchronised roll. Amazing! :)