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Night time and an overpowered plane (A Little Graphic)

So I built the FT Nutball after a few fails at scratch builds I decided to buy some electronics for the Nutball. Well I bought the wrong stuff. I bought a motor that could be used on the bigger FT designs like the Spitfire and Mustang. It was an EMAX 2212 1400kv motor with an 8060 wooden prop. BTW this was on a 3s. That combo produced 800+ grams of thrust. See where I'm going. It was right before thanksgiving and I wasn't going to be able to fly the next few days so it was around 8 o'clock and I decided to take it for a maiden. Well it was pitch black and the only light was a small flash light and the light on the reciever. So I put it in to the light breeze and throttled up. It went well for 10 second and then I lost orientation because of the darkness. It ended up coming back at me and the prop hit me in the chin. My face bent the motor shaft and prop adapter. The prop had some blood on but was otherwise unharmed. It probably needed stitches but I used some peroxide and butterfly band aides to close it up. Lesson, don't over power your planes too much and fly when you can see your plane. 8 months later I still have a nice pink scar. image.jpg That is it 8 months later. image.jpeg this is it the day after it happened.


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I feel like there's not much more to say here haha, thanks for sharing as a warning... Patience is a virtue when it comes to maidens!