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Printed one at 75%, going to try to put an 1106 on it. Not sure what’ll happen, but it should be fun. Also building my second mini mustang with a 2205, so I can compare them.
Using 5 gram emax servos and probably a 2s 800mah lipo as that is the smallest battery I have. If I get really adventurous I might try a 650 3s. Would probably be to much weight as the wingspan is only a little over 18inches. Have to make it from the black dtfb as the local dt didn’t have the good stuff. I also have Ross foamboard but it is to flexible for single layer wings. As long as I use a bec I don’t have to use the flight controller with the 1106 right? I have a power pack h and would like to use the motors separately on different planes. (Will post pictures sometime today or tomorrow) by the way, your sonic series p-39 is awesome on 3s and a 2205:p
Thanks! I have decided that although the black foamboard has been upgraded (paper doesn’t delaminates as badly, still not as good as white though) it comes out looking bad as the glue strings are more visible than on white. Also the f-86 doesn’t look as good in person, had some trouble (my fault) with getting the fuselage the right width where it meets the wing. Haven’t flown it yet because those tiny edfs are expensive, might put an 1106 on it soon;)
Pretty windy today, gonna try a maiden anyways. (Sorry to hijack the thread, but figured it wasn’t worth a new thread just for this). Will report back soon with results.
Rebuilding;). Looked promising but had the rates to high, you can guess the rest. Turns out the black foamboard still delaminates badly, wing came loose due to paper coming off. Rebuilding now with the white foamboard.
IT FLEW! Horribly, but still. Either it had some extreme adverse yaw due to inboard ailerons, or it was really tail heavy (don’t think it was). But it was extremely hard to control in the roll axis. Not that it was touchy, but it acted like it had a bad rudder Input when I gave it aileron. Gonna give it another go with the 100% plans. Will have an update later this week.


Try to go with ail further out in the wing. Also, cg will need to be moved forward a little since you’re doing powered flight.
I messed with the cg and got it quite a bit further forward than it should be for the glider, helped but still didn’t fly well. I will have to figure out a way to use one servo with both ailerons.