Flite Test Groupie
Making progress, needs a motor swapped from my nnChipmunk v2 and a little paint (sharpie?). Flight soon!


note: the flaps are intended to be split flaps not built like ailerons (my bad) but they work.

inside cockpit


Flite Test Groupie
Ready for maiden (hopefully tomorrow). Starting with the motor/ESC/prop setup that came from my nnChipmunk v2.


Will start on 3s to trim and check throws before 4s.

NTM 3548 1100
Plush 60a
9x9 APC

I may paint it or weather it later, but the sharpies did a decent job for now.


Lol, love the chalk board.

We need to adjust the pod depth for the NTM 3548. It's sticking out way to much.


You did a great job on the weathered look man! I'm definitely going to look into doing this on a future plane.


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Wanting to build the nnKi-61 Desperately !

Hi there,

Fell in love with the Ki-61 instantly....very very long love affair with this aeroplane since I was 8, when I drew a complete cutaway drawing in Paintbrush 1.0 in DOS (Remember that ?) from a copy of my Dad's Air International...

At any rate, I'd very much like to request the plans, because I've got a twist on the design I'm determined to try, and of course post photos....

I love slope soaring, and sort of don't entirely believe in / trust in electric motors...and I've long wanted a Ki-61 sloper.

My idea has been at first to try out designing one in Coreflute, but I've lately become enamoured of the Nerdnic Wing, as first seen on the P-39, and now the P-38.

So here's my concept :
  • Fuselage : Formers in 3mm Coreflute, depth adjusted, and with intervening spaces + spinner cone in scrap EPP foam blocks. Servos for Elevator and Rudder. EPP, and strategic bits of the fuse covered with 3M Fibreglass Clear duct tape.
  • Wings from DTFB, as published, with Fibreglass reinforcement on LE and flying surfaces. Aileron only, 2 x servos.
  • Canopy structure as published, using clear plastic sheet.
  • Tail surfaces also from 3mm Coreflute
  • Covering : Chrome silver mylar tape, pieces of green tape for camo 'spots' (alternately green-grey for a clean one), self adhesive signage vinyl for Hinomaru, and Kokutai markings.

Net result - a fantastically tough, light warbird sloper, hard to kill, with scintillating glider performance.
Worst possible result would be a very nasty crash landing into a tree, requiring a new wing, which at NZ$5.00 per sheet of DTFB, is not so bad.

So, do please send me the plans, and very glad to launch my build log in conjunction with this beta :)
Please do send me a private message for opening response.

With thanks,

Auckland Slope Trash
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Hey Nic. Any way to get the plans for this? It looks really cool and now that I have the black widow done I would like to build it.


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Big thank you !


Big thanks to NerdNic for the plans link sent - its on the Nerdnic Website, do all have a look.:D

Its going to be wonderfully fun this weekend, I've got everything lined up to make this happen :
  • 3mm Coreflute (NZ$10)
  • DTFB Sheets (NZ$5 each)
  • EPP Foam Blocks (Free ! Recycled computer packaging - nice BIG blocks!)
  • 3M Clear Fibreglass Duct Tape ($14/reel, and a little goes a long way)
  • Clear plastic sheet (10 cents)
  • Covering / marking materials (tape, signage vinyl, etc - free and/or cheap)
  • Printer !

Looking forward to this a LOT - the nnKi61 is gorgeous, and will make a spectacular sloper. :eek: :applause:

To all here - want me to post pictures here only, or a build log elsewhere ?

With thanks,

Auckland Slope Trash

Mile Hy warbirdz

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christmas nn ki 61

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This ones for my son for Christmas!

The speed wing is very rewarding to build you get a much better finished product, and flight characteristics! At first I was a little intimidated about the speed wing but now that is all I will build! I just watch the time lapse build on youtube if I need a refresher. Thanks again Nic .

Sorry for the vertical picture.