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No more international air to the USA for LiPo's


Full Circle
Does Hobby King send their batteries to the U.S. warehouse by ship? We might still be good. If not, :( never mind.


Junior Member
I'm very confident this means something very different than what many of you are making this out to mean. I think you are interpreting this to mean lipos can no longer be brought over by aircraft from China, Korea, Tawain etc... & either lipos are going to disappear all together or the price will go crazy cause they are coming by boat.

It does not mean that.

I know, because I fly cargo from Hong Kong on a 747 for a cargo company. Many of our contracts are with DHL, Uncle Sam & whom ever else what's to pay for their boxes to go from point A to point B.

This just means the USPS is not going to write new contracts for the shipment of Lipos via aircraft. It doesn't mean my company, UPS, Southern Air, Evergreen, Atlas...and many other private cargo companies aren't going to. I wouldn't worry just yet about lipos going away or the price shooting through the roof.

This policy is written in the Domestic Mail Manual of Uncle Sam (USPS). They have no authorization to restrict private company's such as ours and many others to what they can and can't carry. That authorization comes from the DOT & FAA.

It mentions nothing regarding their policy of restricting their delivery once they get here domestically. That's my job. And we've got plenty of permission slips from the DOT & FAA to haul lots and lots of Hazmat under Title 49 of the CFR's. It's even mentioned here that once it gets to the US, they'll deliver it to wherever you or Tower Hobbies wants. No need to worry grasshoppers.

"However, this prohibition does not apply to lithium batter*ies authorized under DMM 601.10.20 when mailed within the United States or its territories."