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No video output on FPV system

Hi, as you can tell from the title, im having a few issues with my FPV equipment. When I power the camera + VTX + goggles, everything looks fine. Wen I look into the goggles there is this little symbol on the top left of the screen that proves I am getting a radio signal but the screen stays black. If I unplug the camera nothing changes. I don't think it's the cable that's faulty. Is it the VTX that has overheated ? Could there be any signs of heat-damage on the chip ? If it is the camera, can I test it on a TV for example ?

Thank you.


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Usually a black screen tells you that the VTx is functioning, but not getting a signal from the camera. You can test using a TV by connecting the signal wire to a composite video (RCA) cable.
I made a quick test on my TV using the AV input but the TV seems to get no signal... So I made another test with an arduino to see if there was anything coming out of the signal wire of the camera. The analogRead function gave 0 all the time when the camera was plugged in. When nothing was plugged in, it outputted random values. So this means there is some sort of signal coming out of this wire. What does that mean ?
Is the camera outputting the same signal all the time ?


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Dumb question, but one that has caught me more than once... Did you remove the lens cap from the camera? :D

If so, your camera is probably toast. I'm not sure what the camera signal should look like, but I imagine you'd need a scope to see what's really going on.


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Are you using a flight controller for example to add an on screen display of flight info. If so, make sure you have the camera video lead going to video in and the video out going to the video transmitter. If you have them the wrong way around you will get a black screen transmitted, no On Screen Display even.


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Whats the possibility you are having issues with the Betaflight VTX tables. Have you set them up or maybe set the wrong table? This was something new I just learned on the build I did this last two days for a 3 inch quad.