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Non BEC wiring for fixed wing

Captain Video

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I have a couple non BEC ESCs and want to use them in fixed wing applications. I am at a loss how to wire them up with or without a power distro board. Any advice?
Thank you in advance.


Eternal Student
You need some sort of external BEC or regulating PDB to supply you with 5V to run the receiver and servos. Generally these will take a wide range of battery input and output 5V. PDB's with regulators are the easiest to make the physical connections, but are kind of overkill for a fixed wing as most are designed for multirotors. A simple splice at the battery connector or ESC power input pads is how I would do it.


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I pick up step down regulators for like $2 at my local electrical shop, and just add a second set of wires off the esc power pads to power them.


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i usually order a few 5v ubec's to keep on hand in case i have one of these. You could also go gasser style and use a 5v nihm pack. As mentioned step down regulators also work fine soldered off your main battery leads.

Captain Video

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On an FT Racer if i were to power it on 5v nihm pack, how long would use expect the pack to last under "normal" flight conditions?


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Thank you I've been wondering this so as to work with the twin gremlin pack. (I don't remember seeing a BEC on the ESCs) or re-purposing the gremlin motors with their ESCs that work.