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NOOB ALERT: Fpv setup questions.. :D

Okay so here is the basic problem that i have..

As much as i read around the topic of FPV there are still a few things i am failing to understand..

I understand that its not as simple as buying a few bits and bobs and BOOM.. ur 'fpving'

Looking at setting up a reasonably cheap fpv rig.. (60GBP) if possible..

this is wot im looking at.. thus far..

i have been looking around on http://www.fpvuk.org/ for advice (and when my system is set up insurance) and have found this

10mW is the UK legal limit for licence free 2.4GHz video transmission
but it also talks of being able to use 5.8GHz..

idealy.. i would like 1mile range.. even though i will only be flying no more than 500meters probably..

my TX atm is a 9x but am looking to get a 9xr
i understand that with the current antenner i will be able to get about 500meters range..

any thing u have to say to help is great :)

cant use 900mhz... moibles us that..
2.4 is my tx
so.. kinda leaves 5.8GHz but power limit on 5.8 is 25mw..
and as i cant see anything on hk that is this low.. does this rule out fpv for me?

HELP Plllease
Hi supercub,

ImmersionRC has 25mW transmitters:

Because of the really low mW your range will be very bad. If you want to fly a mile away I suggest that you go to a very rural arrea.. I am not even sure if 500 metres is going to work because if you are going to fly near a village or a town your signal will be very bad because of all the RF noise... 60 GBP is not that much and I wont use the HK wing cam as your FPV cam. Just use buy a cheap ccd cam from foxtech.com or hobbyking. Those wing cams are not made for FPV but those ccd cams are made to be reliable.

If you are not going to use goggles you should buy a VRX.

These are the VRX that match the channels of your VTX:

From immersionRC

From airwave:

The immersionRC rx is much better then the airwave... In Holland we have about the same regulations when it comes to 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz. My friend is flying 5.8 GHz 200mW for about two years now and no problems yet. I have been flying 1.2 GHz 300mW and 433 MHz for controll. The 1.2 GHz band is illegal in Holland but still i have not had a single problem. Note that we live 4Km from a 1:1 (small) airfield. Just don't cause trouble and don't go anything higher then 500mW if you are doing it illegal. If you want more mW and stay legal get yourself a ham licence then you can use more mW legally.

Ps. Can you please make your signature a bit shorter ;)
Firstly can I say thank you for your reply..
It has definitely given me food for thought..
I have been doing some research a HAM license and it appears a reasonably cheap thing to do (£15 for a course plus a year membership to the local HAM club and £28 for the test)
And this would then allow me to be " free to operate on all the amateur bands, without supervision, up to a power of 10 watts" which is moooore than enough power..
But if I had to renew my license every year with the same kind of cost out lay..then I don't know if I can justify the legal route.. But would feel a little uncomfortable going down the other route.. Which was have a was going to blindly do it before as I had done no research..
Think more research is needed in terms of licence renewal and realistic cost out lay..
Thanks for your help..

P.s decided not to include my signature just for you ;)