Noob could use help with TinyTrainer set up for DX7 transmitter


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Hello out there in the blue beyond!

I'm a noob to RC and the like. I scratch built a Mighty Tiny Trainer and picked up a used transmitter. I had help setting up my Apprentice to the transmitter by a generous veteran. . I now need to set up the DX7 for The Tiny trainer 3 channel and the Tiny Trainer 4 channel ( So I'll have 2 different wings one with dihedral one with ailerons, as per FliteTest plans.

I've gotten as far as naming two new models on the transmitter, then......I realized , I don't know what I'm doing. The DX7 manual is good but I'm too "new" at this to know what to program. What will I need to put into the transmitter for a simple 3 channel airplane. I'll also need to know what to put in for the 4 channel model.

I'm using a DSM2 receiver and a compatible ESC (basic, with no programing required for ESC), with 5g servos. I have had success binding the electronics so I know that works, but will have to rebind once I have set up the correct parameters. This is where my problem comes to light.....I don't know what I'm doing!

I most-likely went through the bind process with a "old Model" the former transmitter owner had used.

My Model 1 is the Apprentice and is still in memory. The "new" Tiny trainer models are model 3 for 3 channel and model 4 for 4 channel. I have not entered any parameters for each model yet (waiting for someone with experience to comment about what info to put in). I know that I'll have some switches to assign and some other basics to attend to in setting up such as rates for rudder, elevator, motor curve, and ailerons. The manual will help with that task, maybe.

****Is there a basic approach I should use for a simple 3 channel and a basic 4 channel? Are there basic parameters I should know about? ***

Searching the forum, I have not found that general information.

Any help will be appreciated,
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Hey Jobobeda,

Welcome to the forum!

For a modern Spektrum radio, the basic setup for the model type (airplane/heli/glider) will have a fairly good setup -- pick an airplane model type, bind to it, and at most you'll still need to setup your servo directions and endpoints. Direction (sometimes also called reverse) will make the surfaces go the right direction for the stick movement and the endpoints make sure the surface moves just enough and no more when you move each stick to the edges.

3 channel vs. 4 channel isn't that critical -- the default will be 4 channel, and if a Receiver (RX) plug isn't connected, the corresponding stick command simply won't do anything. For the 3 channel FT-TT I would recommend plugging your ruder into the aileron port on the RX, simply to keep the controls on one stick -- the radio won't know it's controlling a rudder instead of ailerons.

Beyond that there's quite a few settings you can play with, but hit the endpoints and direction and you should be enough. Get airborne and sometime later start researching dual rates and expo . . . but until then, get her into the air :)


Old and in the way!
Crafty Dan, Thank You for the reply.

I'll go with your suggestion, about the rudder, Is that called "mode one" by spektrum and used by convention, while mode two will be the setup for the 4 channel (Aielron version)? My concern was with throttle and the different control surface mixes, and if they could be left out for now. Your reply answers that for question for me, so thanks again. Why did I wait 73 years!
jb :cool: