Help! Noobie trying to understand how receivers work


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Am i wrong in understanding that for a FPV drone to fly, you must match the protocol of the TX to the RX, and then the VTX to the VRX? They're both separate things right? For example (in my mind); if i was to buy a FPV camera, hook it up to a transmitter to send signal to a receiver that i could attach to my goggles (assuming the goggles can input it), then that's covers video transmission completely right? The transmission and receiving of the controller is separate?

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That would be correct for a fixed wing FPV set up. It may be for the Quad control stacks as well. I can't say for sure as my only quads are cheap, ready to fly Sharper Image and a Chicom DJI mini look alike (not clone).


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All analog 5.8 FPV equipment will work together. Digital FPV will only work with digital receivers and transmitters, any camera will work with both systems, a camera is a camera .

All transmitters that have proprietary protocols will only work with the same protocol receiver. Some transmitters have what is called a multi module which will bind with just about any receiver. This holds for planes or quads.

So yes you are right each system FPV and plane ( quad ) control are separate.