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North Carolina Flite Test Flyers

You're just down the road! Do you fly copters mostly?
I'm just getting into the hobby now. I figured I'd start with the Blackout frame because it's almost unbreakable and I'm a go big or go home kind of guy. If it's something I really get into and enjoy, I'd love to start a mini quad racing league in this area. I'm currently studying for my HAM radio license so I can also get into FPV.


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Those are some serious frames. I'm considering one of RCExplorer's (David's) tricoper v3 frames. I've never flown copters but I'd like to start getting some fun aerial videos.


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My issue is that I wear glasses and I'd like to see how well I can see with out my glasses.
I gotcha - I feel like I've read somewhere that you can customize the "focal point" on certain goggles...not sure if that's the right term or if it had anything to do with Fat Shark in particular, but I have seen threads about users with eye glasses.