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Not getting motors to spin up in CleanFlight ?

So this is my first post to this forum & I am providing my first answer to this forum:

This is my first quad configuration (for a Vortex 150) & have watched numerous videos & read the docs for it. I'm using CleanFlight for the configuration: I'm able to connect, I've defined switches for Arm/Air Mode & Angle/Horizon & see the rendering of the quad in CleanFlight move around when I pick it up. Blah, Blah, Blah, all good things, except I can't get the motors to spin up. I see the warning prompt to removing the props & I check it. I move the sliders up & down, but no reaction from the motors. Do I have the wrong expectation here ????? I assume not, so I sign up for this forum & start poking around

Just by chance, I see a comment (buried in a big thread talking about motor control problems) about having to plug in the quad battery to power the motors. Ah, Ha, moment!!!!! Once I plug in the battery, the motor tab works as expected.

I just wanted to include this question/answer as a separate thread to maybe help out someone else who might have the same problem when starting out.