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Nutball Build


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My son and I just built a Nutball this weekend. It was pretty windy for flying, but we flew anyway. Next weekend there is an indoor flying event so we are looking forward to that as well.

Here is how we outfitted our NutBall.

I bought a 5 pack of power pods and should have bought the laser cut control horns. I have a box with controls horns from past projects, but the control horns on the Flite test page would have been quicker and better to build with.

Turnigy 2730 Brushless Motor 1300kv $13.09
Turnigy Plush 12amp Speed Controller w/BEC $10.40
Turingy TG9e Eco Micro Servo 1.5kg / 0.10sec / 9g $2.59 Each
Turnigy 500mAh 3S 20C Lipo Pack $7.33
APC 7x5 SF propeller $2.50

I had a Spectrum AR600 receiver that was not in a plane unused.

I had a full sheet of Adams foam board already.

Build time was about 4 hours. I had to solder the mini bullet connectors on the motor leads and the leads from the ESC. I had to solder a female JST connector to the power leads on the ESC. We built a second pod also with the same electronic except the receiver.

I am pulling just under 7 amps at full throttle with this setup.

I have not built anything in a long time. My last "Nutball style" plane was a 1/2a nitro control line with a similar design.



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Thanks for the compliments. We built the FT Flyer and are working on the Versa Wing. The lock screws on the motor came loose today while flying-the FT Flyer dead stick glided nicely.