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Obligatory new guy post....

Hello, all you FliteTest people! I'm Chad & I've been following FT vids & threads for a while now. Had to officially sign up & make a statement today as all this lurking has led me to put glue to foam so I felt it necessary to post.

Thank you all for the ideas, work & effort you put in to stuff that makes taking idea to foam so easy that a first time builder like me was able to make a glider of my own design as my first build. It actually glided on the 2nd try after getting some nose weight so life will be sweet when I get my hands on some electronics.

It has some Mini Sparrow mixed with some Simple Soarer and a v tail thrown in because I've wanted to build a v-tail plane since I was a kid (that was some 40 years ago). And my own challenge to myself was to keep the plane built from only 1 foam board. The tail spar is one of my son's outgrown aluminum arrows. All surfaces are set to hand glide it but I think I've left enough tail to set it up for remote & can get the controls down the shaft.

I must admit. It was a blast trying different ideas & making it all fit together. Plenty of things I will do different on a version 2.0 but I want to get this one filled with rc gear before proceeding forward.

If you're still reading, thanks for sticking it out! I appreciate everyone tied to this site & boards for putting out their stuff & hope to contribute stuff of my own eventually.

Happy building!

Chad - CHUD - whatever



Master member
Welcome to the addiction, and there is no known cure, as you can see in my avatar and this is not even 1/8 of my part of the addiction...…….totally hopeless and never have enough especially room to keep and store the addiction.