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Oculus Quest - Simulators / Accessories / Mods


Drinker of coffee, Maker of things
Just wanted to get a thread going for quest specific stuff. Right now the only simulator out is Ultrawings, which seems to have pretty good reviews but i havent grabbed it yet. Also a place to share mods we have made either just for quest quality of life or for specific situations like using it in a chair for a flight sim.

To start off here's my current setup:

Harbor Freight pick and pull case. Apache 3800 which is only $30 with a coupon. I used spray adhesive to keep the out layers stuck to the case and hot glue to keep the layers together. Nice thing is it has 2 layers of pick foam and than a top and bottom solid layer.
IMG_20190617_190311.jpg IMG_20190617_190304.jpg
coupon database: http://www.hfqpdb.com/

Monoprice headphones. $15.
Nice thing about these is that instead of a cable it has a female 3.5 jack so you can just grab a 3 inch cable somewhere else or make your own. These are really well reviewed around the internet for the sound.
IMG_20190616_150636.jpg IMG_20190616_150628.jpg

Monoprice 20,100mah battery bank. $49. Should let you game for close to 10hrs as it charges at 2.6a, enough to not only keep the headset charged, but it puts more into the headset than the headset uses, so you will have a higher charge when done playing than when you started. The built in battery on the headset is around 5,000mah and probably get 2hrs of gameplay by itself.