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Old balsa plane conversion


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Hi everyone. I'm not sure if this falls under scratch builds but anyway I did rebuild the whole thing so here...

...A friend of mine gave me an old balsa plane that looks like any other gas type 3d plane. It's pretty beat up but I somehow managed to repair the broken parts. I don't have any idea about the plane except that it looks almost exactly like the edge 540. it's wingspan is 52 inches and its fuselage is 44 inches. It doesn't have any engine, servos, control horns...so it's just a coated wooden plane. I managed to successfully mount a 500kv motor on it since it's the only one I have and it's the only option available in this place as of now. I'm not planning to do serious 3d flying with it (maybe practice some light 3d) so I just want to ask if this is possible given that it's made to work with a nitro engine and I replaced it with the electric motor that I mentioned. If this is possible what other recommendations can you give me for the following components: ESC, Battery, Servo (size not brand), and propeller. Thank you.
Totally possible!
How big is the motor? At 500kv I'm guessing it will run on 5 or 6S which should be plenty for a model of this size. Probably needs about a 70A ESC, and away you go.


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It is a small plane - only 52". The total weight shold be kept down for best flying. I guess that i 500 KV motor is on the heavy side but without any other information than the KV it is impossible to know. I would aim for a flying weight of maximum 2,5 lbs.
Agreed. 500kv for this plane, aim for 6S lipo of at least 3500mah or more. 70amp speed controller should do the trick as well. Go bigger if your not sure. Prop around 12x8 to 13x10. This will give you enough power for good sport flying and not over load your equipment. All up power will be around 900 to 1100 watts! Use standard size servos found un 40 to 46 size craft.