Old Speedster underpowered?


Hey guys,
I built the Old Speedster this week, and it weighs about 500g, while the FT plans say it should be 350g (without battery). This might be because I don't use dollartree foamboard, but that aside, the speedster feels a little underpowered. I use the Turnigy Park300 1380kv from my Flyer and Delta, and it swings a 8x4 prop. The plane is able to fly well, but I sometimes have some trouble getting up high.

I noticed that when I use a 1300mah (3S) battery from my Super Cub, the plane seems to lack power. When I use Turnigy 1000mahs (also 3S) however, it seems like it flies a little better. I weighed those batteries, and the 1300mah is about 30 grams heavier. Can this kind of weight really make a difference? It is only so little. Also, do you guys think I should get a bigger motor? If so, which one? I do want to build the Bloody Baron in a month or so, with the NTM 28-26A 1200kv motor. Would this motor do well on the speedster?

By the way, I have some 9x4,7 props as well, but the park300 just doesn't seem to be able to get the speedster flying well with that prop. I only tested that with the 1300mah however, so I might have to take a look at that with the 1000mah :/.

I hope some of you know the answers to my questions,
thanks in advance,


Yep, I think your probably right. I just finished my Old speedster and I'm sure it is a bit on the heavy side as well. And flies like you described. It will cruise at 50% throttle and slowly climb.

The NTM motor will work but do not overpower the plane. The wings are not supported properly to fly fast.