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One more Lidl stroll around the block


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I have started with mine, I have built the control surfaces with balsa wood

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I'm still thinking about the engine, I have two br1306 4000kv that give 240gr of thrust with 2s and 5030
the idea is to mount them in the wing, they are very small, a little more than the thickness of the wing
I put it in the first photo
What is your opinion?
If you are putting a couple of motors, one on each wing then why not use motor differential instead of making the rudder move?
the receiver is a 3ch old hobbyking
also I have not placed even the servos because I need to use them to balance the motor in its correct cg
I'll take it very calmly, I'm still with the fish-V2 and I'm improving a lot, I'll go back to the TT to see if I handle it the same as the fish
I think the glider of the lidl is going to be a bit fast for my experience


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Awesome! Can't wait for video!

Did you put any reinforcements in the airframe? Would've thought you'd be lighter than my BlackBird...
Reinforcements are a carbon fiber tube under the rear portion of the fuse to stiffen it (its way too flexible) and some of the glassfibre reinforced packing tape on the lower span of the wing to reduce bowing of the wing if doing hard pull-ups. It worked, John couldn't break the plane's wing :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
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I have to think about it, I need for space at home to be able to dismantle the wing
and the twin engine complicates me
I can your configuration with a folding propeller
the times that I have gone out with the TT and the mini speedester before constructing the fish V2 have worked well and the nose is wider and square


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It flies okay on 2S, but 3S is where the fun is 😆😆😆
in theory I can go to 4s but I'm already exceeding the speeds I built this one for! I've got no reinforcement save for a bit of packing tape, ailerons cut out of my wings (further reducing strength) .020 control wires and most of the fuselage is completely hollow now! :ROFLMAO:

I'm definately going beefier on the next built although this one has proven to be quite resilient!


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That's an impressive performance and duration as well given the amount of 'spirited' flying. You could see the wing bend!
Was it meant to be a 'catch' landing or just misjudged a bit? ;)