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One more Lidl stroll around the block


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Very neat but the cut out must reduce the fuselage tail stiffness and ultimate strength.
Unless you are going to add some bracing I know where it will break in a 'rough' landing!
Now I am installing two carbon tubes for a double use, guide the 1mm steel wire for the surface controls and remove the flexibility to the tail
the wing continues to enter tight and with the screw has no more flexibility than the original in that part of the fuselage
but it's true that I was afraid that would happen
anyway, my flights are quiet since I'm in the rookie phase with The Fishv2 and the TT
even so next year I will buy another and improve the possible defects that have
Two... heh.
I left with a total of eight this year.
Of course three went to my nieces and nephews and two more went to colleagues which leaves me with three.
I have a special plan for one of them tomorrow. stay tuned...

Here's a little preview of the progress so far:
Wing flattened with steam, horizontal stab cut in half and added to the wing tips, bringing the span to 1100mm.
Wait, I hear You say, won't you need that tail?
Where we're going... we don't NEED tails.
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Maidened my power conversion today. After a bit of trimming got it flying OK. But 4th attempt/flight, just when I'd got it about right, motor died. I glided it down for a beautiful dead stick landing so I think I got the CoG about right. My complete build video is here. And the power train is 1000mA 3s lipo. A2212/6T 2200kv motor and 6035EP prop. Loads of power! Dead stick was caused by a cold solder joint(not one of mine!) on one of the three motor lead wires.



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a doubt
I know one motor has to be cw and the other ccw
But which one on each side of the wing?
In what sense do the propellers have to turn on each wing?