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OpenTx Lua Script Lap Timer

OpenTx Lua Script Lap Timer

screen-2017-01-09-201703 copy 2.png

I've written a Lap Timer Lua script to be used with OpenTx. This script is a result of requests received via Painless360 and website (RCdiy.ca) feedback.


The lap timer has two switches which can be logical or physical.

These switches are configurable by editing the script file in a plain text editor.

By default the timer start and stop switch is logical switch one.

For this demonstration logical switch one has been configured to be true when the throttle is above negative 100.

So the timer starts as soon as the throttle goes up.

The lap switch is configured to be the momentary switch SF on the Taranis.

To record a lap raise and then release the lap switch.

To reset to zero stop the timer and then raise and release the lap switch.

The script displays the current elapsed time.

The number of laps.

And the time for each lap.

The script also has audio which can be configured by editing the script file.

For each lap a beep, the lap number and the lap time in minutes and seconds is played.