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OpenTx Mac Sound (Audio) Packs & Text To Wav Applications


Mac’s make it easy to generate text to wav files. I have written and posted Mac GUI Applications and Terminal Scripts that generate OpenTx compatible voice packs or individual files. I have also posted a number of Mac’s Tessa voice sound packs.

The Sound Pack Generator app uses existing OpenTx sound mapping files. When the app is launched a Finder window asks for the location of the .csv map file from OpenTx and then in about 30 seconds generates all the files. The folders with the wav files are placed in the same directory as the .csv map file. You can get the sound map file from Companion > File > Download > Download Voice

The Text To Wav app produces single wav files. When the app is launched a text entry box asks for the phrase to be spoken followed by asking for the file name. The files are placed in the Downloads/RCdiy folder.
Please pardon my ignorance but what then might I want to do with the resulting file?
Are you familiar with Taranis and OpenTx?
The resulting audio files are used by OpenTx.
When the Tx turns on it says "Welcome to open t x."

You could make custom files.
For example you could have the model name spoken when selected.
Or have the Tx say "Flite test is the best."